What Is True?
October 7, 2018  
Disclaimer Concerning Occultism and Gnostic Doctrines

In spite of what I still believe are my valid criticisms of the Bible and traditional religion when this site was first created, I am very uncomfortable with any hint of implied blanket endorsement of occultism (because of any comments I've made, or references to websites or books). There is truth to be found in most information (including the Bible and traditional religions), but I have understood in recent years more clearly that there is malevolence and elitism and destructive elements within certain popular occult or Gnostic sources. A lot of this material was promoted from the beginning of the Internet and it is not a coincidence. This movement dominates the modern world, including "scientific" thought and popular entertainment. It is not about freedom. It does relate to transhumanism and the totalitarian agenda of domination described in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. The Garden of Eden myth is turned upside down (an interpretation I was unfortunately enthusiastic about in one my comments on the book "Ashes of Angels" at whatistrue.com) by the same people who try to modify nature genetically and to put it all under surveillance, including human nature. Good and evil are turned upside down by those who seek to undermine strong culture and families. That's the definition of satanism as far as I'm concerned.