What Is True?
February 3, 2007
Edited: April 9, 2009

Introduction to What is True for 2007

It's time for a fresh start and focus. I've been involved in libertarian political activism, which has made it difficult to focus on anything else. But the political activism will go on this year. However the number one moral and political issue of 2007 appears to be trying to prevent a possible war on Iran. These issues of war and freedom and the value of human life and self-ownership and individual sovereignty are all very important concepts that need to be fought for - because otherwise we're all just slaves and cannon fodder and someone's dinner.

Concepts matter. Ideas matter. Justice matters. Morality matters. Truth matters. Yes, I'll go on and on. Yes, your life matters. Your individuality matters. You've got the media already with its propaganda for war and the endless entertainment and distractions, and you've got your shopping and we've all got our various slave tasks to attend to as taxpayers. Not to get into all the political stuff here, but these things we need to talk about. Some things we need to get angry about. Some people you need to stop listening to. Some people you need to call liars, torturers, murderers and thieves. It's time to speak up. Time to stop going along.

So in any case, I have tried to focus also on my religious experiences, in a Bible "cult" and what I learned about that. Also I have commented on the Bible - mostly critically - and discussed what I see in it from the point of view that I have now, and reflect on what might be valuable to readers. This is where the rational ethics and philosophy comes in. I'm no expert, I'm just going to share what I've learned - from my mistakes.

Can't say I'm really an atheist yet. Sorry, not an evolutionist yet - still waiting for you guys to make your case. Still believe in free will. Still have an open mind - except about the relativist ethics our slave-masters have taught us.

Anyway, life is short and I'm planning to make the most of 2007, one day at at time. Looks like it is shaping up to be a bit of a nightmare. I don't plan on being part of the cause. Hope you're not either. We should keep fighting for our souls. Remember that a real patriot loves his home - the land and its people - not any master. When we fly the Maple Leaf here, it means freedom and peace, and that's where the future lives.


Freedom and Peace

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