What Is True?
November 7-14, 2004

Liberty & War

The Truth Hurts
antiwar.com, Justin Raimondo, Nov 1 '04

100,000 Civilians Died Because of Iraq War, Hopkins Study Says
Bloomberg.com, Oct 28 '04

... The findings are the first scientific study of the effects of war on Iraqi citizens, according to the Lancet medical journal, which is publishing the research.

Old Right Nader
amconmag.com, Justin Raimondo, Nov 8 '04

...What we have in this country, he declared, is “corporate socialism.”

...One of his first published articles appeared in the Oct. 1962 issue of The Freeman, a libertarian magazine.

Libertarian Resistance
amconmag.com, Alan W. Bock, Nov 8 '04

Republican Desertions Could Cost Bush
lewrockwell.com, Jim Lobe, Nov 1 '04

Oh well...

The World Holds its Breath as the US Votes
ericmargolis.com, Eric Margolis, Nov 1 '04

Satellite restrictions violate Charter, judge rules
theglobeandmail.com, Tu Thanh Ha, Nov 1 '04

Last week, a Quebec judge found that federal restrictions on who can provide direct-to-home satellite signals are invalid because they infringe on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

... "The fact that otherwise law-abiding people are willing to break the law to access, for a fee, television networks in their language, says a lot about the degree to which the freedom of speech of those viewers has been breached," the judge wrote...

USA Patriot Act a problem in Canada, B.C. report says
theglobeandmail.com, Canadian Press, Oct 29 '04

The USA Patriot Act gives officials the power to see private information about Canadians despite attempts by governments in Canada to thwart probes by American authorities, a report released Friday by British Columbia's privacy commissioner says...

Information outsourced to American companies can be viewed by U.S. authorities.