What Is True?
September 2, 2004

Boundaries of Knowledge
Values & Life
Liberty & War

Boundaries of Knowledge

DVD - Crop Circles - Quest for Truth

Values & Life

Abortion is science's grim story
Sydney Morning Herald, Miranda Devine, Aug 5 '04

Technology is showing the foetus as a human being. Time to encourage adoption and stop government funding of abortion.

Liberty & War

Debating Vietnam instead of Iraq
ericmargolis.com, Aug 30 '04

Why Judy Sgro is just plain wrong
The Globe and Mail, Catherine Dauvergne, Aug 2 '04

Canadian Immigration Minister, Judy Sgro, says there is no need for churches to provide sanctuary to people under threat of deportation. Is this because the government already has God-like ability to decide with perfect mercy all legitimate refugee claimants? Shouldn't churches and other citizens have a say in who is a legitimate refugee? It's a life and death matter.

Sanctuary under fire
The Globe and Mail, Catherine Dauvergne, Jul 27 '04

"Only once have the civil authorities forced their way into a church to seize a protected person -- in March of this year, when Quebec City police pushed past the minister of St-Pierre United Church to arrest Algerian refugee claimant Mohamed Cherfi."

The government wants this practice of sanctuary to stop. Actually, it's not hard to see why governments are pressing this issue. Every modern government wants total control. From their point of view, they're creating a brave new world, and ancient traditions can go to hell.

However, many of us recognize higher moral laws, and we respect other allegiances that transcend human government, such as family and tradition. Even the Canadian Constitution of 1982 says "Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law..." So it's on paper that the Canadian government acknowledges the supremacy of higher principles - above themselves. Maybe they should delete this line in the Constitution Act before they proceed with their police state.

If I was in the government, I might notice right there in the first section a bunch of other strange items called "Fundamental Freedoms". And I might notice how it goes on and on about "mobility rights" and all sorts of amazing "legal rights"! Huh? We now know all this stuff is so out of date because of 9/11. Canadians don't need such "freedoms" and "rights" any longer because we have such a government of perfect knowledge and goodness. And tradition - church property - private property - no such thing - it's all to be violated, because the government knows best. And they must have total control, otherwise how can there be any goodness in this world!? We can't let people even think about making such decisions for themselves. There is nothing worse than disobedience. Obedience is what life in a free society is all about.

Outraged by the CRTC? Change the law
The Globe and Mail, Aug 2 '04

Recent CRTC attacks on free expression: requiring Al-Jazeera to be censored, shutting down CHOI-FM in Quebec City, turning down application from Italian television's RAI.


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The History Before the Myth
King Arthur: the Movie (2004)

LewRockwell.com, H. Arthur Scott Trask, Jul 26 '04

Do We Want a War Criminal as President?
Justin Raimondo, Jul 26 '04

America's "Choice": war-mongers Kerry and Bush
'It's The War, Stupid!', cbsnews.com, Jul 25 '04

America's 'Free Speech' Disgrace Continues:
Democratic Convention Anti-War Protesters Confined to Ridiculous Enclosure

AP, news.yahoo.com, Jul 25 '04

All Loyalty Is Local
Fred Reed, Jul 15 '04

Standing up to Stalin
theambler.com, Jul 6 '04

Behold, the Head of a Neo-Con!
Alexander Cockburn, CounterPunch, Sep 17 '03. The Neocons aren't the fundamental problem. The Democratic Party supported the war.

The Demise of the Green Party
Jeffrey St. Clair, CounterPunch, Jul 2 '04. Explains why Kerry is as bad as Bush: supported war and oppressive legislation.

This won't hurt much
Terry Jones (Monty Python), Jun 16 '04

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Why They Lie
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