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April 11, 2004


Boundaries of Knowledge
Liberty & War

Boundaries of Knowledge


I like this site, good alternative resource, much more than politics.

"...The political bias of our staff just happens to be 'liberal' or 'progressive' but that doesn't mean we close our minds to ideas that are deemed conservative..."

Update as of 2018. I don't agree with that now. See my Disclaimer Concerning Occultism

New Scientist: Mysterious Namibian Circles

BBC: Did Noah really build an ark? Babylonian Epic

Sedna - New World Found Beyond Pluto

British Museum's newest treasure: Babylonian Queen of the Underworld

Escorts to the Afterlife: Confirmation of Human Sacrifice in First Dynasty Egypt

The Helix Nebula: The Eye of God


Eagan Hunter: Adolescent Attraction to Cults

I can see a lot of my own experience described in this very helpful article.

"Adherence to the cult lifestyle often results in radical behavior changes, along with "a loss of identity" compensated by an "enslavement to cult leaders" and further estrangement from family...

"...There has been a marked decline in the influence of the family and traditional religious beliefs, with a concomitant liberalization of personal values. The social climate has nourished rejection of cultural and moral standards. This has left adults and especially adolescents with the dilemma of finding values with which to fill this vacuum,..."

The author mentions the "all-powerful authoritarian leader", which is what we had in the Worldwide Church of God.

He makes the well-intentioned but, to me, ironic suggestion that educators, government agencies and others should rise to the occasion and compensate for the fracturing of values and family. I think rather, that many who belong to these groups would have to call off their program of values destruction first. There are other points to quibble about - never mind - it's a good article. (1)


Thomas Paine: Essay on Dream

"...When men, from custom or fashion or any worldly motive, profess or pretend to believe what they do not believe, nor can give any reason for believing, they unship the helm of their morality, and being no longer honest to their own minds they feel no moral difficulty in being unjust to others... Morality has no hold on their minds, no restraint on their actions."

Liberty & War

Mar 25/04 - Joe Sobran: Bush League Fantasies

Apr 8/04 - Richard Cohen: Bravo, Ruthie

Hero. Tyco juror, 79-year-old Ruth B. Jordan, in the face of media intimidation:

"...Even people who have so much they don't know how to spend it, and still want more. Even they deserve justice when it comes to whether or not they committed a crime..."

This lady deserves nothing but respect on two counts: elderly and wise.

May 22/03 - Euro note to be radio tagged?

"...ability of recording information such as details of the transactions the paper note has been involved in..."

Canadian Nanny State Bans Baby Walkers

Jim Lobe: From Nation-Building to Religion-Building

Falluja Mosque Bombed: Continuing Slaughter, Kidnappings, US Rhetoric

"Mass punishment": U.S. forces recapture Kut, but Fallujah ceasefire fails

Reporters ordered to erase tapes while covering Scalia speech

Falluja fighting "kills 450 Iraqis"

CBC News Report From Ar-ramadi

Scores dead as Falluja resists US onslaught

Lew Rockwell: A Superpower Defeated

Justin Raimondo: The Ugly Truth

NATO Demonstrates Social Democratic "Morality": Blasts Church and Terrorizes Priest

NATO explains why it wasn't a terrorist act: Thousands protest botched NATO operation to catch Karadzic

Of course, since NATO supposedly represents goodness and democracy, this can't be terrorism, right?  We have to get used to the idea that our Western governments have the right to attack churches?   No, tell you what, I don't want to get used to that idea.  I never heard of such a thing.

It sounds like something the Nazis or the Communists would have done.  On second thought, I just remembered - Clinton set a precedent for this at Waco.  I guess they want to try it a few times to see if people learn to accept it.  How else can they carry out their war "on terrorism" unless the people agree it's "OK" with them to blow open a few churches?

NATO should disband and stop practising global dictatorship.  Also, Canada should withdraw from NATO.   Troops of a free nation should not be occupying other nations.

NATO grows: America spreads its weapons across Eastern Europe: World is safe - from ...?

Justin Raimondo: Lessons of Fallujah

Fred Reed: Nowhere To Hide

John R. Lott, Jr.: Banning Swords and Laser Pointers (Australia)

Paul Craig Roberts: Terror War's Legal Cost

Ted Galen Carpenter: American Conservatives Misread the Spanish Election

Ilana Mercer: The Spanish Prisoners Freed

Justin Raimondo: The Main Danger to Peace

Gary North: Politics As Voter Self-Esteem

John Pilger: The Unmentionable Source of Terrorism

Is everyone who fails to follow Bush guilty of "appeasement"?

GPS Monitored Anklets Could Help Track Ex-Cons

Rumsfeld "wanted to attack Iraq" on September 11

Former Counterterrorism Chief Richard Clarke: Al Qaeda was not on White House Agenda Before 9/11

Bush accused of ignoring al Qaeda until after 9/11

Harry Goslin: Beware Idiots, Madmen, and Lunatics
(Fourth Amendment)

Justin Raimondo: Is Anybody in Charge?

Butler Shaffer: Martha the Scapegoat

Joseph Stromberg: Murray Rothbard's Treatise

Fred Reed: America is not a free country

The Antiwar Movement Is Not Progressive -- And That's a Good Thing

Zapatero rejects Kerry call on Iraq troops, pledges to fight terrorists - not Iraq

Zapatero wants "government that does not intervene in the economy"

By the way, Zapatero has the label "Socialist". Many get caught up in language and party labels. In practice, Bush, Clinton and Kerry are all big government socialists of one kind or another. Bush talks the "conservative" talk but talk does not make him "conservative". Bush talks "freedom" while he pursues the path of former presidents in foreign and domestic intervention.

Spanish voters did not want any part of the Iraq war, and that is part of the reason they punished their former leader. Americans fought a War of Independence, so they ought to understand why other nations want independence from the US. Other peoples don't feel proud when their leaders are bullied and deceived by the US government.

Most people in the world respect American ideals and much of American culture. The US government has had to work very hard to create "Anti-Americanism". Many Americans have been brainwashed, so they don't understand the nature of their government and how it contradicts their own ideals.

Ron Paul: Praise the Troops, Not the War

Justin Raimondo: The Déjà Vu War - Kosovo and Iraq

Ottawa Professor: Kosovo "Freedom Fighters" Financed by Organised Crime

Brian Wilson the Musician

Brian Wilson the Libertarian Talk Radio Host

Ron Paul Speaks - On Waco Etc.

Mel Gibson Hits Out at War in Iraq

Charley Reese: Don't Enlist In Culture War

Ron Paul: The Folly of Fed Interest Rates

Jim Lobe: For U.S. Hawks, Madrid 2004 = Munich 1938

Tibor R. Machan: Martha Stewart's "Crime"

Lew Rockwell: Spain's Sophisticated Voters

Justin Raimondo: The Meaning of Madrid

Necons Are So Full of It: US turns on Spanish 'Appeasement'

Freed Guantanamo Prisoner: Terror of Torture in Cuba Camp

Eric Margolis: Bush's War is a Financial Disaster

Jim Lobe: Bush Loses Spanish Election

Conrad Black: A Crusading Neocon among English Tories

Roderick Long: Roads to Fascism - 60 Years Later

Canada Not a Police State? MP Apologizes for Reaction to Single Mom's Spitting Threat

Poll: Bush Lied, Canada Right to Stay Out of Iraq War

Justin Raimondo: Iraq - One Year Later

Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England

Gary Mauser: The Right to Defend Yourself

The Historical English Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Natural Law and Rights: Coke and Blackstone

The Soviet Gulag

Habeas Corpus in Canada

Ron Paul: Indecent Attack on the First Amendment

Lew Rockwell: Take Not Insults From Campaigns

Thomas Woods: Ukraine Terror Famine

Canadian Troops Head to Haiti

Inappropriate Criminalization: Woman denies charges in C-section case

Some reactions:

  1. This lady is possibly mentally ill as someone mentioned, and she made an irrational choice.
  2. She made a medical choice. People have to be free to make good and bad choices about their care. There are even people without the same facilities.
  3. She didn't actively try to kill her baby but many others do try to terminate their unborn babies, and they are not charged with a crime.
  4. She's a mother anyway, so give her a lecture and leave her alone.


[1] Adolescence Magazine, Fall, 1998, findarticles.com