What Is True?

October 22, 2003



Pro-Life Web Sites

I am very glad to find these two sites:

Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League

The criteria for membership is interesting and includes the categories of "weak atheist", "strong atheist", "agnostic" and "nontheist".

Those who are religious can sign up with Friends of the AAPL, which is great also, because you can see a wide variety of different beliefs represented, including Christians, one witch and a pagan. (Honestly, I'm not sure if I belong on this page or the other because I believe that we are the result of intelligent design.)

I think the important point is that being anti-abortion does not depend on a particular religion.

Same web author's personal site:
Matt Wallace's The Compleat Heretic

The personal web site of an economic and social conservative, Republican, Teamsters union member, moral traditionalist, pro-life, U.S. Army veteran, NRA Benefactor Life Member, Secular Humanist atheist

Libertarians for Life

Libertarians for Life, www.l4l.org

...LFL's reasoning is philosophical, not religious. Some LFL associates are religious; others, such as Gordon, are atheists...

...Libertarianism affirms the central, inalienable right of all persons to be free from aggression (the initiation of force or fraud). Nonaggression belongs in every code of morality. LFL also affirms that from conception to death, we are persons with the right not to be killed. The killing of an innocent person, as in abortion, violates this right.

LFL further affirms that, under libertarian principles, parents owe their dependent children, born and preborn, care and protection from harm...

To the Libertarian Alliance: Addressing the concerns of the Left and the Right
by Doris Gordon, May 27, 1996, Libertarians for Life, www.l4l.org

...Killing innocent children is worse than "distasteful"; it treats them unjustly and violates libertarianism's non-aggression principle....

Being Pro-Life Is Necessary to Defend Liberty
by Congressman Ron Paul, 1981, Libertarians for Life, www.l4l.org

Pro-life libertarians have a vital task to perform: to persuade the many abortion-supporting libertarians of the contradiction between abortion and individual liberty; and, to sever the mistaken connection in many minds between individual freedom and the "right" to extinguish individual life...

Genetically Modified Crops

GM crops fail key trials amid environment fear
Two out of three strains 'should not be grown'

by Paul Brown, The Guardian, www.guardian.co.uk, October 2, 2003

Two of the three GM crops grown experimentally in Britain, oil seed rape and sugar beet, appear more harmful to the environment than conventional crops and should not be grown in the UK, scientists are expected to tell the government...

...The agriculture and environment biotechnology commission is still wrestling with the vexed question of distances required between GM and conventional crops to avoid cross contamination and compensation schemes for injured farmers [loss of customers] if all goes wrong...