What Is True?

October 4, 2003


Liberty, War & Politics

The Bridge of Asses
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., Mises.org, October 2, 2003

...Thus it [the minimum wage] doesn't do any favors to the worker; instead it removes the control that the person has over the conditions under which he or she may offer to work.

America is for aliens
by Paul Craig Roberts, Townhall.com, October 1, 2003

...Not to worry. Bush is going to take it out of Medicaid and Veterans’ Benefits. Now that we are going to conquer the world and have an empire, we have to cultivate a more hardy breed of people here at home...

Why the Republican Party Elected Lincoln
by Thomas J. DiLorenzo, LewRockwell.com, October 1, 2003

...Why was the tariff so important – even more important than the issue of slavery in the eyes of Abraham Lincoln? Because tariff revenues comprised about 90 percent of federal revenue, and if the Southern states seceded they would no longer pay the federal tariff. All the grandiose plans of building a transcontinental railroad with taxpayer subsidies and creating a continental empire would be destroyed...

Image of Lincoln created by court historians is false. Who Lincoln worked for. Slaughter of the Civil War. Ethnic cleansing of the Plains Indians.

The Neo-Jacobins
Why the neocons abhor the spotlight

by Justin Raimondo, Antiwar.com, October 1, 2003

...The Trotskyists argued that the Communist Revolution of 1917 could not and should not be contained within the borders of the Soviet Union. Today's neocons make the same argument about the need to spread the American system until the U.S. becomes a "global hegemon"...

What’s Love of Democracy Got to Do With It?
by Jacob G. Hornberger, The Future of Freedom Foundation, fff.org, September 29, 2003

...If democracy is so important as to justify a deadly and destructive invasion, why has the U.S. government continually furnished millions of dollars in foreign aid to nondemocratic governments...

CIA Leak Is Big Trouble For Bush
by David Corn, The Nation, thenation.com, September 29, 2003

...back in July conservative columnist Bob Novak wrote a piece in which he reported that two "senior administration officials" had told him that the wife of former Ambassador Joseph Wilson (who had publicly challenged the White House's claim that Iraq had been shopping for uranium in Niger), was employed by the CIA...

...This past weekend, MSNBC.com revealed that the CIA has requested that the Justice Department investigate the anti-Wilson leak...