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September 11, 2003

Liberty, War & Politics
Philosophy & Values

Liberty, War & Politics

'Big Government' Getting Bigger Under Bush
by Randall Mikkelsen, Reuters, Yahoo! News, news.yahoo.com, September 5, 2003

...A report released on Friday by the Brookings Institution think tank and New York University said the "true size" of the federal work force -- which includes employees for federal contractors and grant recipients -- grew by more than one million, to 12.1 million, from October 1999 to October 2002...

Surprising Assault On Democracy
by Phyllis Schlafly, www.eagleforum.org, June 18, 2003

About the Continuity of Government Commission.

With Ashcroft on Offensive, Press Should Catch Up
by Nat Hentoff, Editor&Publisher, www.mediainfo.com
August 27, 2003

Describes current threats to liberty in the U.S. and opposition by Congressmen and judges.

...And how many newspaper readers know that a case is likely to soon arrive at the Supreme Court that will decide whether the president, solely on his say-so, can designate a U.S. citizen as a enemy combatant, and place him or her in a military brig on American soil indefinitely without charges and without access to a lawyer?...

A Wider War – Unless The Democrats Speak Out
by Paul Craig Roberts, vdare.com
September 8, 2003

...No one fell for this fantasy except the American public...

...Neocons will not be content until we have six hundred million Muslims stirred up and at our throats...

The First Victims of the US State
by Jack Duggan, LewRockwell.com, September 10, 2003

...You opine that my brothers have no right to do anything they wish on what little land that white people with guns allowed them. Had you ever troubled yourself to visit reservation properties throughout this 'free' nation, you would have discovered that they are stuck in poverty on arid, useless tracts where no resources are located. In short, they are forced at gunpoint to live on land that white men don't want...

Now Native People have found a way of raising their standard of living a little by opening "Indian Casinos." How outrageous! ...

Let's Revive An Old Trait
by Charley Reese, reese.king-online.com, September 10, 2003

...Minding our own business and not sticking our noses into other people's business is an old American trait now out of style...

...The stupid government in Washington is trying to build a world empire from a rotting base. Our own abortion mills have murdered more people than Saddam Hussein could have ever hoped to kill...

Philosophy & Values

Ludwig Von Mises, Human Action

Man is not infallible. He searches for truth­--that is, for the most adequate comprehension of reality as far as the structure of his mind and reason makes it accessible to him. Man can never become omniscient. He can never be absolutely certain that his inquiries were not misled and that what he considers as certain truth is not error. All that man can do is to submit all his theories again and again to the most critical reexamination. (1)

Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

...For no function of man has so much permanence as virtuous activities (these are thought to be more durable even than knowledge of the sciences), and of these themselves the most valuable are more durable because those who are happy spend their life most readily and most continuously in these; for this seems to be the reason why we do not forget them. The attribute in question, then, will belong to the happy man, and he will be happy throughout his life; for always, or by preference to everything else, he will be engaged in virtuous action and contemplation, and he will bear the chances of life most nobly and altogether decorously, if he is 'truly good' and 'foursquare beyond reproach'... (2)


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