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December 10, 2002
Edited: December 30, 2008

Legend of Mudalu: Civilization Under Water

Undersea Wall Discovered off the Coast of Taiwan

According to a Taipei Times article, in July 2002, members of the Taiwanese Underwater Archeological Institute discovered a wall 100 meters long and 28 meters deep off the coast of Penghu. They had been searching for a legendary underwater town and possibly a temple, and they discovered this wall which has been dated between 7000 and 20000 years. Penghu is an island off the west coast of Taiwan.

A research fellow with the National Museum of History's Marine Archeology Team expressed the hope that they "might even be able to prove that some truth lies behind the legend of Mudalu."

"Supposedly stretching from somewhere in what is today the South China Sea to Hawaii and encompassing many of the Pacific Islands, Mudalu ... was, according to the legend, home to Asia's earliest peoples, the Ketagalan ..., who supposedly lived in Asia sometime between seven and 15 thousand years ago."

The Ketagalan were supposed to be an advanced megalith-building culture with a written language.

Sonar soundings apparently indicate similar structures. The article mentions another discovery 20 years ago off the coast of Okinawa, as well as a cross-like structure found in 1982 in waters near Penghu's Hujing Island. In addition, other underwater wall-like structures have been found since then. (1)


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